Oldfield Outdoors

Let me take this time to introduce myself. I am Randy Oldfield and I  grew up hunting and fishing Texas. From an early age, I was intrigued with the outdoors, anything from chasing squirrels, rabbits, quail to casting for bass in farm ponds, was how I spent all my time as a youth. After trying several careers as an adult it became obvious where I belonged. Outside in the woods or on the water is where I should and will be.

The ranches I hunt are excellent. If they weren’t I wouldn’t be there. Lake Fork stands on its on merits, there. My personal best whitetail is a 201 B & C monster killed in 2004. Personal best largemouth is a 15.69 giant from Lake Fork in 2006. I also hold the Lake Cypress Springs largemouth record with a 13.69 lbs fish caught February, 1996.

I will answer all questions with honesty and be truthful about conditions, accommodations and game activity while planning your hunting or fishing excursion.

I am not a drinker but do not have a problem with it after hunting or fishing. No alcohol will be consumed handling firearms or in the boat. I’d rather not book the trip as to have to explain to your loved ones what caused an accident, due to alcohol.

Trips will be conducted in a safe manner with your success as the key point.

I have been fishing Lake Fork’s Trophy Bass waters since the day it opened, with over 20 years of full time guide service offered. Oldfield Outdoors is noted for targeting Trophy Black Bass.

I am a native to the state of Texas. Born to fish and hunt. As an accomplished tournament angler and professional guide, I am doing what I do best and truly love. Share my boat for a day or night and you’ll see why I am still at it after all these years.

I have been featured in numerous national magazines, newspapers, TV and radio shows, such as the Dallas Morning News, Tyler Morning Telegram, Bass Masters Magazine, FLW Magazine, Honey Hole Magazine, Texas Fish & Game, Fisherman’s Guide and many others, Fishing East Texas TV, Honey Hole TV, numerous radio talk shows and interviews. “I love sharing my knowledge of the outdoors with people”.

Armed with my G Loomis rod and a handful of jigs, there is, quite simply, none better!

Over the years 3 Trophy Black Bass over 15 lbs have come from my boat, along with several Black Bass over 14 lbs, a dozen or so over 13 lbs and boat loads of 10 lbs + giants. It ain’t luck when you can back it up!

Day trips on Lake Fork’s Trophy Bass Waters start in mid Jan and go thru mid May. Clients can expect every effort to be made for them to catch that Trophy  Black Bass of a LIFETIME! 

From mid May into Sept I fish exclusively at night – cooler temps, less pressure make for exciting action. Many of the Trophy Black Bass caught by myself and my customers have come in the summer months, including fish over 15 lbs. Depending on when my Whitetail Deer Hunting starts, I also do some fishing in the months of Oct and Nov, back to my day time schedule.

I would like to invite you to book a trip with me for a day or night of Trophy Black Bass Fishing. I will use all my knowledge and skill to help you experience the feel of a Trophy Black Bass on the end of your line.

From fishing I go straight to my  Whitetail Deer Hunting. So come join me  for the chance at the monster buck you have always dreamed of.

Good Fishin’, Happy Hunting & may God Bless,